⭐️Sounds of Life⭐️

Sounds in form of Music, Voices and Noises Surround the streets 🛣 , the oceans 🌊 and houses 🏡 Their essences are so different, though the properties are quite same After all no matter what the source; sound is just a wave One traverses the stream of elation 😀 , Second transduces thoughts & emotions 🤔 And the bronze-one hold responsible for irritation😬. And the strange part comes, When the same sound source is music to one and noise to some. such as wind's whistle or a bee's humm 🐝 ... So what classifies a sound is not just the source. But equally responsible are listener's mind and soul. Similarly in the staff sheet of our life 🎼 , written with notes 🎹 of good days and not so good days What makes the beauty of it is not only the notes♪ but also our ways An optimist could even enjoy music of life in the worst situation And a pessimist would even find life's beethoven 🎹 a dumb creation Just as it applies to music dude😎, So I parallely conclude.

⭐Dreams To Live With⭐

Running behind🏃 our dreams we sometimes fall, A bit regret😔, as couldn't make it all. Running through the dusk🌇 and dawn🌄. Above the nightly sky🌌 and through the moonlit lawn⛺. Chasing them through the treasurely heaven🔱 Through the brainy window they look like rainbow's seven🌈 A dream could make you believe in what you truely are. It might make you a magician🎩 or a superstar🌠. Working for it has its peaceful pleasure It adds some jewels💎 to your heavenly treasure So just a fall can't change your destination And With it comes my newly learned lesson: Don't let dreams go away, Have a belief and let them stay, Cauz they are the ones that pave your way, So dream! to have a peaceful night and a worthy day. Sorry if it didn't sound too good I just expressed my thoughts howsoever I could. You can Like, Comment & Share this post on Facebook too:

⭐A Faint Memory⭐

Amidst the night cold and dark🌒 Along with the moon🌛and stars Amongst them I see 👀 my memories spark 🌠 So here comes a poem 📝 out of my heart 💖. Sitting near the window gazing 👀 through the pane Nothing is visible except the solitary lane My mind is occupied with memories of my first day at St. Anne's. A slender little boy 🙎 in front of the big gate 🏰 A bit confused 😟 as he is a little late ⌚ Thinking about excuses that he might have to make And I feel sorry for him as he doesn't have any mate. Those little footsteps 👣 enter the magnificent building 🏢 Searching🔍 for his class as there was no one directing 👉↪ Then he was accompanied to his destination by Mr. Chain Singh 💂🚸. And then he made his way down through the ever busy stairs when he reached his class boys and girls were reciting prayers and that boy imitating others joined his hands with care 🙏 he was relaxed to see some guys accompanying him there. Along with others he